Ms. Wei-Hong Zhang

Assistant Professor

Wei-Hong Zhang graduated in Medicine in China in 1987. She worked as a research and teaching assistant in anatomy and pathology in China before coming to live in Belgium in 1991. She gained two MPHs (one in French and another in English) in the School of Public Health, Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Belgium in 1996-1997.

Since 1998 she has been doing research into perinatal epidemiology in the Perinatal Epidemiology and Reproductive health Unit (PERU) at the ULB where she has been involved in several EU-funded collaborative projects in Europe in the field of reproductive health and where she obtained a PhD in Public Health in 2007. She was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship from the Fondation Philippe Winer-Maurice Anspach for one year research at the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit, University of Oxford, 2007-2008. 

In April 2007, she joined the ICRH where she was responsible among others for two EU-funded projects in China in the field of maternal health (2007-2010). At present, her main task at ICRH is the coordination of an ongoing EU-Funded FP7 project in China, INPAC (Integrating post-abortion family planning (FP) services into existing abortion services in hospital settings in China, 2012-2016. She involves also in the supervision of PhD and post-doctoral research projects and is the key person at ICRH for the academic relationship with China. She has held the position of visiting professor at several Chinese universities and an adjunct professor at Tongji University School of Medicine, Shanghai.

Since 2014 she is appointed by the P.R. of China, as the State Council Advisor (2014-2017).
In addition, she is still connected with the School of Public Health, ULB where she is Professor of Epidemiology and supervisor for several of PhD‘s thesis.  She has a particular interest in the design and analysis of epidemiological studies and Randomized Controlled Trials.


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