Ms. An-Sofie Van Parys

Post-Doctoral Researcher


An-Sofie Van Parys has a bachelor degree in midwifery, a master degree in social and cultural sciences and a master degree in family and sexuologic sciences. After her formal education, she gained some experience in working with families with a problematic background. Partly as a consequence of this working experience, she developed a special interest in psychosocial health and the impact of violence on pregnancy and childbirth.

In 2016 she finalized her PhD on ‘Partner violence and pregnancy, an intervention-study within perinatal care (the MOM-study)’. This randomized controlled trial (funded by FWO) explores whether identifying women experiencing partner violence and referring them to the specialized resources, has an impact on the partner violence, psychosocial health, help seeking and safety behaviour. She is also coordinating the Belgian participation at the BIDENS-study. This DAPHNE-study in collaboration with Iceland, Denmark, Estonia, Norway and Sweden, hypothesises that women whom experienced violence will develop more fear of childbirth. Women with more fear of childbirth are thought to be at increased risk for instrumental (vacuum, forceps and caesarean section) deliveries. This results of this study are currently being published.

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