Ms. Lotte De Schrijver


Lotte De Schrijver holds a Master degree in Human Sexuality Studies, a Master in World Religions, Inter-religious Dialogue and Religious Studies, a Master in Clinical and Health Psychology and a Master in Health Management and Policy. She also holds a third cycle degree in Psycho-oncology and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Lotte has been working on several projects at the ICRH since 2014, including FGM-PREV: Towards a better estimation of prevalence of female genital mutilation in the European Union and SH-CAPAC: Supporting health coordination, assessments, planning, access to health care and capacity building in Member States under particular migratory pressure among others. Currently, she is working on the project UN-MENAMAIS: Een beter begrip van de mechanismes, aard, omvang en impact van seksueel geweld in België, which will be the main topic of her PhD.
Lotte combines her work at the ICRH with volunteering in a multidisciplinary group practice as a clinical psychologist-sexologist and cognitive behavioral therapist and with being the president of the Vlaamse Vereniging van Klinisch Psychologen (VVKP, Flemish Association of Clinical Psychologists) and a board member of the Belgian Federation of Psychologists (BFP).

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