Ms. Ines Keygnaert

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Ines Keygnaert is a postdoctoral researcher and the team leader of the “Priority Team” which heads the research line on sexual, gender-based and domestic violence, harmful cultural practices and gender in adolescent and migrant sexual health at ICRH-Ghent University.

Ines is holding a Masters’ Degree in Eastern Languages & Cultures, a Third Cycle Degree in Social and Political Development and a PhD in Medicine on the topic of sexual violence and sexual health. Dr Keygnaert has long-standing experience in community-based participatory research with vulnerable groups focusing on the interrelation between social policy, community development and public health. Over the past nine years at ICRH, she has been coordinating different European (multi-country) research projects on prevention of and response to sexual and gender-based violence in the European asylum sector and in the European Neighbourhood as well as several national projects on holistic management of victims of sexual and domestic violence.

Furthermore, dr Keygnaert is an acknowledged expert on sexual violence and migrant health, having provided several international consultancies for leading global health organisations, as for example: a national strategy on sexual and gender-based violence in Kosovo (UNFPA), maternal migrant health (WHO) and migrant sexual health (WHO). Dr Keygnaert has published over 50 publications dealing with prevalence, policies, clinical management, prevention of and response to sexual and gender-based violence in different groups in Europe and the European Neighbourhood. She has currently been assigned by the Belgian government to study the feasibility of sexual assault referral centres in Belgium and to develop a model that can be tested throughout Belgium in the upcoming years.



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