Duodenumatresie is een zeldzaam voorkomende aandoening die prenataal echografisch kan worden gediagnostiseerd, zodat door een onmiddelijke interventie postnatale complicaties kunnen worden vermeden. Typische echografische beelden zijn een 'double bubble' of een gedilateerde maag en polyhydramnion. Geassocieerde afwijkingen zoals het Down syndroom en congenitale hartafwijkingen moeten worden uitgesloten.

Published in 1986


Tocolytics were administered in 66 consecutive women in uncomplicated preterm labour with intact fetal membranes (53 singleton and 13 twin pregnancies). C-reactive protein (CRP), a marker of infection, was determined daily and used retrospectively to investigate the role of subclinical infection in preterm labour and to predict the efficacy of tocolysis and the development of a clinical perinatal infection. CRP was also determined in 66 women in uncomplicated labour at term (53 singleton and 13 twin pregnancies).


The suspected diagnosis of urological disorders made on the basis of antenatal ultrasonography was compared with the final outcome in 23 cases. In 18 cases the initial diagnosis could be confirmed, whereas 5 showed no postnatal urological anomalies. Further efforts should be undertaken to improve prenatal diagnosis in order to facilitate treatment as early as possible

October 1989