Feasibility study sexual assault referral centres in Belgium

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The federal state secretary of Equality Elke Sleurs assigned ICRH to investigate which model of sexual assault referral centres (SARC) is most appropriate and feasible in the Belgian context.

The study, which will be conducted by Ines Keygnaert, will firstly review international guidelines and best practices in providing holistic care to victims of sexual violence. We then will map the current approaches in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia upon which we will make a SWOT analysis of potential models, including their cost effectiveness. Finally, by the end of August 2016 and in collaboration with a vast number of experts from healthcare, psychosocial care, forensics, police, public prosecutors, policy makers and victims, we will develop a Belgian SARC model that can be tested in a Flemish, Brussels and Walloon hospital in the following two years. More information: ines.keygnaert@ugent.be.

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Friday, August 31, 2018