On January 7th 2019 was the public PhD defense of Yves Lafort

We are looking for a motivated candidate to join our team. The candidate will manage the day-to-day research of the UGent/ICRH partner in the ELEVATE project. The candidate will have core responsibility for the HPV genomic detection and HPV test design. In addition, the candidate will participate in all other work packages, including managing the following research at the Belgian research site: identify hard-to-reach populations for cervical cancer screening, collect economic data on cervical cancer screening, and manage the pilot study of the new HPV test.

On December 17th Mrs. Danielle Yugbaré Belemsaga defended her PhD at Ghent University!

The Sexual Assault Care Centre in Brussels, has been awarded the David Yansenne-price on November 27th 2018.

On the occasion of the Human Rights Week, Prof. Dr. Ines Keygnaert & the International Centre for Reproductive Health (ICRH) cordially invite you to: “Addressing Mistreatment of Older Adults from a Human Rights’ Perspective” , a lecture by Prof. Marie Beaulieu (University of Sherbrooke, Canada).

Public PhD defense Vartika Sharma November 7th at 5 p.m. in Ghent

Marleen Temmerman heeft haar hele loopbaan gestreden voor de rechten van de vrouw en de gezondheid van vrouwen. Op 12 oktober vindt haar emeritaatsviering plaats, in aanwezigheid van Hare Koninklijke Hoogheid Prinses Astrid.

Accomplishments and lessons learned from joint research projects on SRHR in Mozambique. In particular, we will focus on the partner programme Desafio that brought together researchers from Belgium and Mozambique.

Twintig dansers en danseressen beschuldigen in een open brief kunstenaar Jan Fabre en z'n gezelschap Troubleyn van grensoverschrijdend gedrag, stalking, verbale vernedering, agressie en manipulatie. Onze collega Ines Keygnaert was te zien in het groot debat in De Zevende dag van VRT.

Enjoy reading the ICRH Global Newsletter of August 2018!