Call for expressions of interest: incoming mobility research grants

The International Centre for Reproductive Health (Department of Public Health & Primary Care, Ghent University, Belgium) invites expressions of interest for applications from foreign post doctoral researchers for funded Research Stays of up to 6 months.

The Faculty Mobility Fund aims to attract foreign postdoctoral researchers whose expertise will provide significant added value to Ghent University’s research groups. The foreign postdoctoral researchers must be able to demonstrate at least 2 years of postdoctoral experience and must be internationally renowned for their expertise and research experience. The Mobility Fund provides an one-time travel allowance and a stipend during the stay.

ICRH will support foreign researchers to apply for an Incoming Mobility grant, with a preference for postdoctoral researchers with:
•    an interest in spending between 4-6 months at the ICRH premises;
•    at least 6 A1 publications (i.e. articles in journals referenced in the Web of Science);
•    a clear scientific output to be achieved in collaboration with ICRH researchers during the stay
(i.e. joint journal publication(s) and/or project proposal(s) and/or other outputs);
•    an innovative sexual and reproductive health research project (in terms of its subject, theory, method, or approach) that is complementary to but not already addressed in ICRH’s existing
research projects (found here:
More information and details about how to express interest can be found in the attached pdf file. Expressions of interest should be received by 25 March 2019.